Thursday, March 12, 2009

Virtuous Cleaning

Day 4
Sorry for the big huge gap in posts, but to actually clean, take pictures and do the studies was so time consuming I didn't have time to blog about it! :)

Today, go for the kitchen!!!

Here's my BEFORE kitchen pics:

And after's

This included:
wiping the cupboards, walls, countertops, stove tops, appliances, floors, dishes, clutter(most of it), chairs and booster seats, and windows. Honestly, it could have been much better but this day was a crazy No-napping day!

I still have to tackle this tommorrow. This is what is under the hutch...Gross!!!!!

I have no idea what's under there, I just took a picture without looking. wish me luck!

As far as cleaning tips:
--always clean from top to bottom (esp. when dusting). Feather dusters with poles can be purchased at the Dollar store and are a good investment. Make sure to shake them out from time to time.
--a solution of Hydrogen Peroxide and water (at equal parts) will clean and disinfect just about anything, including glass/windows, and it is non-toxic so it's especially great to use in a house with small children and pregnant women. Baking soda is also good to use as a non-toxic cleaning agent.
--When using non-toxic brand-name cleaning products, make sure to use something that will actually kill germs (a lysol wipe or hydrogen peroxide) on areas such as toilet seats, sink handles, etc.
--DO NOT use a trash can in the kitchen with a lid on it unless the lid can open without the use of your hands. Trash can lids are a breeding ground for germs, and those germs easily spread to meals that are being prepared. Second most popular place for germs to hang out in the kitchen is the refridgerator door handle. Don't forget to sanitize it often!
--Other places that need to be sanitized often: Door handles, cabinet handles, sink faucett handles and toilet handles, as well as the telephone. Esp. after sickness has passed thru your home.
--After cleaning, make sure to wash brushes, sponges, cloths, etc. in hot water with, at the very least, soap, or a small solution of bleach.
--vaccuming carpets daily keeps them in top condition and allows them to wear longer. If there is a lot of carpet in the house, try to vacuum at least every other or every third day.
--A vacuum with a HEPA filter is great to use so that dust and allergens do not get stirred up and rest on the furniture that was just dusted. And, of course, it's good for the health of the family as well. But make sure to empty the resivour outside. Same with using a terry-cloth mop on wood/linoleum floors rather than a broom. If a broom is needed, use small sweeping motions and sweep in several small areas rather than pushing dirt from one end of a room to another.

And more specifially about organizing Lid racks

ORGANIZING TIP 2 Cleaning the Appliances

Tip 3 utensil organization


Also, pick a cupboard to clean out and organize. If you don't get to it today then do it tomorrow. Here's my baking cupboard, which has turned in to the cupboard I throw "whatever" into, chaos!

I'll post my after picture tomorrow and my new Bible study tips by Ruth Graham Lotz!

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