Tuesday, September 1, 2009


After 3 years of talking and praying about it we are finally hosting a Family Home Fellowship at our house. There are 5 couples coming , all with children and we are meeting on Saturdays in the afternoon. This time works best for our families and allows us to work around most of the kids schedules.

It has been amazing! The Fellowship, the discussions, the fun times watching our kids play, it is such a Joy that the Lord has brought us all together.

It is going to be amazing to see our kids grow together as well as for us to learn from eachother.

We are still trying to work out some kinks but in time I know we will be doing great! Kinks are to be expected when kids are involved.

I know we are making some life long friendships and that The Lord has big things planned for us!

group pic to come...you try to wrangle 11 kids :)

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